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Artist:Nappy Roots feat. Episode
No album artwork found
Track:Be On Yo Way
Date Added:18/10/2007
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Lyrics:Nappy Roots feat. Episode

Be On Yo Way
[Fish Scales] Wassup
[R. Prophit]
[Fish Scales] You know dat
[R. Prophit] Nappy Roots and Game Point
Scales] Fish Scales and R. Prophit,
Game Point, Wassup?

[Chours - R. Prophit]

See I don't care what them people say
And I blow tress and just grind all day
See I truley
know dat my hustles gone pay
So you best be on yo wayyyy

Most times
I'm gettin serious, I don't play no games
You niggas dats curious, you gone feel da flame

Cause rhymes that I hit cha wit, It'll prolly crack ya frame
Wether you a city black male, it's
all da same

[Fish Scales]
I just hit Fern Valley Rd., I got a bag full a
A white girl drivin dat keeps da stash in her pussy
Got my cousion back at home,
still watchin fo da block
And dis white girl too, so she ain't stoppin fo da cops

[Chours 1x]

[Fish Scales]
But once again I gots to lay down da law
(Yo) Cause
niggas lookin at me like my hustle gotta fall
Bitch you ain't never seen a Sunbird on some
18's, lookin so clean
When I was young I swear to God that was my ultimate dream
But now
I'm 25 and all I want is bubbled eyes
Come threw wit a big body wit double tires, it's gettin
I know y'all don't wanna hate me, but it's to hard, I'm good folks
it's simple, like
all my niggas get drinks and get smokes and keep dope

Outside, niggas with
techniques and young preists
shakin fakin something, life in da beach ain't nuttin sweet

Concerned with a navigator, illest nigga on beats
Them scales to alagator, PHD in da
G P, Nappy, indeed we in a faith for cash
We move make, bend rules and law
Ain't no escape, impliment ya plan, make it work
Cause I'ma stack till my old ass is
in da dirt

[Chours 2x]

[R. Prophit]
I greet life, hold me tight, been
lonley most my life
Walk past somethin dats dried, crumbled inside
Tried to be, find
somebody believe in dis here
Most people they fear, black male rap fo real
I majored dis
year, like Damon Waynes on top of his game
Never leavin da game, it's Prophit boy on top of ya
Fumblin blunts, sometimes stumblin drunk
Stumblin crunk, come threw rumblin
Nappy hit pumps, and Game Point lights ya junts
No time fo stunts, my people been
hungry fo months
You know me dawg, always gotta keep it raw
Speakin real life shit off dat

[Chours 2X]

It's over now
Hey what up my
They talkin bout us man?
man fuck these hoes
Burn it down, fo real
ain't in dat shit
Man, fuck them niggas man
Underground fo life

underground forever
Lets get these niggas
Game Point
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