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Viewing Lyrics for Back for Good:

Artist:Jim Steinman
No album artwork found
Track:Back for Good
Date Added:18/10/2007
Rating:not yet rated     
Hey! Listen now it's coming so close
I'll let the rhythm surround me
I'm getting
itchy and I'm ready to move
I'm mighty glad that you found me
There's a drummer going at it
way down in the core of my soul
There's no escaping the music and I'm psyching up my
And they're telling me we're ready to roll

There are times when I can fight it but
now's the time I want to give in
Sooner or later we'll get around to love
But now's the time
to shake it
Oh Baby let the party begin
Baby let the party begin

When I woke up
this morning and I looked out my window
I could see the sky was cloudy and gray
There was a
chill in the air and a pain in my heart
And the thunder it was coming my way

Oh, it was
looking pretty bad and I was so alone
And there was any place to go
But now I'm out of the
blue, I know what I got to do
And something in me's starting to grow
I can feel it in me
starting to grow...grow...grow...grow...

I got dance in my pants
Every time I feel the
power in a radio wave
I turn it up all the way
I got dance in my pants
Every time I see
the glory of a good-looking face
Well I just got to say:
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